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The Power of the Internet

The Power of the Internet

Have you ever wondered why kids have all the answers or they just seem a little too smart for there britches.  Well they are smarter and if you have kept up with them then you know what is making them so intelligent at such young ages.  

LOL – GOOGLE – CELL PHONES –  any question or information you need to possess is at your fingertips – literally.

I started thinking about this when I was doing a search for efficient wood burners. What does that have to do with being more intelligent – keep reading…. I found out that Russia – believe it or not has one of the best and most economical heating systems in the world (Russian Masonry Heaters (RMH). Click here to see.  I truly want one of these AND I now know everything about RHM’s……because of the internet.  I would never have known, I would have to dig for months at the library just to find this information.  Wow I am so much smarter LOL. Unfortunately they would cost so much to build here in the good old USA compared to in Russia, because we have very few trained Masonries available to build them. So I am back to looking at wood burners.

So when you see your kids on that phone all the time just think at least they are learning something….



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