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Cool Information Iphone 6 and Google Car

The NEW Iphone 6 and  Apple watch on pre-order now
So far with in the first 24 hours they sold over 4 M
Apples new feature Apple pay…. This should be watched by everyone as this
technology will definitely replace the plastic……in my opinion the watch has very
little to offer right now, you have to have your iphone near you and there are not
many features on the watch – but I believe this technology will replace they cell phone.

● Google’s autonomous car gets a ‘B’ in driving test

(self driving car) Not great yet.
More info

WOW I want one

● Shipwreck that gave up ancient ‘computer’
A shipwreck that yielded a 2,000-year-old “computer” known as the Antikythera Mechanism is being freshly explored using another remarkable piece of technology. Read full article very interesting.




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