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December Kill the Cable Bill


Kill the Cable Bill

I recently read an article that best describes how to GET RID OF THAT HIGH cable bill  (full article)
In the article it describes how to use an antenna in your home.   Your thinking right, horrible picture no HD – wrong,  I personally have been using the Mohu flat indoor antenna.  I was very skeptical about this so I wanted to test it to see if it was any good.  Here’s what I get:  about 30 channels and yes I do get HD. Cost is one time around $30.00.  All from an indoor antenna, the down side to the one I am using is it is weather dependent.

I am looking into there outdoor antenna which can also go in the attic.

Streaming Device
If you want more choices to watch movies, stream music, get a device like the wii or xbox or choose from the multiple devices available (here’s a list) make sure to scroll down to bottom to see the list.   Here is the downside to using one of these devices – You have to pay for almost everything you watch i.e. Netflix, Hulu, some offer Pandora music and Youtube.  So there is just a box that allows you access to these services that you have to pay for.

Computer – Laptop  – Mini computer
There is one more way (which is what I use)…….You can connect you computer or laptop or see below mini computers directly to the tv and access anything you want, either thru a standard VGA port that you have to have on your tv or thru an HDMI port that you would have to have on your computer.  I have watched all the movies and shows that I want.


So Where do we get the free movies….

So you deciding whether to get Netflix or hook up your computer, well if you go the computer route here are some sites that have free movies and shows:
Best places to watch movies and shows
YouTube Movies
Hulu (Not Hulu Plus) Mixture of Old and new Movies and impressive amount of current Shows
Crackle   Offers a mixture of older content and B-movies with the odd blockbuster or top TV show
Internet Movie Archive Mostly older movies
Viewster  Older movies and shows
SnagFilms Documentaries, cult classics, and film festival favorites

And do not forget Free TV Network WebsitesABC, CBS, FOX, CW, HISTORY channel, Lifetime, NBC, PBS  – just check your channel online most of them offer free shows and more.

What new products are very cool….

iRobot Scooba 450$599.95 at Amazon
Robots. There is nothing that humans can do that robots can’t do awesomer. That’s why we’re so pleased that iRobot (the Roomba people) introduced the Scooba, the robot floor scrubber. Just fill the tank, press “clean” and the Scooba will begin a three-cycle cleaning process that includes sweeping and pre-soaking, scrubbing, and then squeeging. This is how we clean floors all crazy future style.

This is the future of computers…

Asus VivoMini Windows Mini PC Soon Launching From $149

Barebones computer read the full article and see the video on this page  Visit details

My Money is on this model thou….Linux-Ubuntu –  longer life and no virus – malware… similar to a Mac

Imp ARM-based Ubuntu Mini PC Unveiled for $150   Visit details

A new Ubuntu Mini PC has been unveiled this week in the form of the Imp, a small form factor desktop PC, that is equipped with an ARM-based processor supported by 2GB of RAM and comes complete with open source software.


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