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Google + Home and Business

GOOGLE – The many features and benefits of using Google Products.

I will be talking about Google Home and Business.  You can see all of google product here.  You can click on any of the features below to signup or add feature.

  • GmailFast, searchable email with less spam,  who doesn’t have gmail email account.
  • DriveCreate, share and keep all your stuff in one place. Great place to store data however, they only give you 15 gb of space.
  • DocsOpen, edit, and create documents, very similar Microsoft word, but you can edit anywhere thru your browsers.
  • SheetsOpen, edit, and create spreadsheets, Just like Excel.
  • SlidesOpen, edit, and create presentations.  Again this is similar to Microsofts Presentations.
  • FormsBuild free surveys, Love this tested it last week, quick and very easy to use form builder.
  • DrawingsCreate diagrams and flow charts, not very in depth but could be useful for basic drawings, similar to Windows Paint.
  • SitesCreate websites and secure group wikis, You can create an internal website for your employees or external website to share all your stuff with family friends etc.
  • CalendarOrganize your schedule and share events with friends.  They have updated this and I will be checking it next week..
  • TranslateInstantly translate text, web pages, and files between over 50 languages.  This is a great way to translate any language, I have used this a great deal when selling foreign books.
  • VoiceOne number for all your phones, online voicemail and cheap calling.  This is great if you want to screen calls I will be testing this soo.
  • Google WalletMake your phone your wallet, similar to Paypal but there is a fee.
  • Google Cloud PrintPrint anywhere, from any device.  This is obvious everyone uses it.
  • Google KeepSave what’s on your mind. Just like the notepad on your phone. 
  • Google StoreExplore and shop the latest products made with Google…Some very neat products here.
Don’t forget to check out all Google products….Check out all Google chrome apps, some of them are great, Ad blocker, Google remote.

To get new apps click on the apps button in Chrome and then web store most of them are FREE

As always visit our site for up to date information on computer repair…


Cloud Storage Google Glasses and Chrome sync

Cloud storage  from $3.61 – $69.99 a month
SOS storage has unlimited data backup for home users for $3.61 a month WOW  Business plans however are a lot more expensive SOS -$69.99 monthly and MOZY a bit cheaper for business starting at $10.00 a month….

OK I have to mention this Google Glass – WHAT…

Nifty pair of glasses that let you send messages, navigate where you are going.  And here is the icing on the cake – they are a whopping $1,500.00 for a BETA pair…. Think I will be waiting to use these.

On a lighter note: Did you know that you can sync Google Chrome across all your devices and have the same bookmarks and look on all the devices and you can change or add bookmarks from any of the devices...HOW Click here to see how.
Changes that are coming……..

  • No more mouse within 10 years.
  • No more buying software like Microsoft Office – you will rent it on the cloud or get open source software for free.
  • Windows 8 apps   – will take over the future screens….sad but true OUR HOME PAGE

Cool Information Iphone 6 and Google Car

The NEW Iphone 6 and  Apple watch on pre-order now
So far with in the first 24 hours they sold over 4 M
Apples new feature Apple pay…. This should be watched by everyone as this
technology will definitely replace the plastic……in my opinion the watch has very
little to offer right now, you have to have your iphone near you and there are not
many features on the watch – but I believe this technology will replace they cell phone.

● Google’s autonomous car gets a ‘B’ in driving test

(self driving car) Not great yet.
More info

WOW I want one

● Shipwreck that gave up ancient ‘computer’
A shipwreck that yielded a 2,000-year-old “computer” known as the Antikythera Mechanism is being freshly explored using another remarkable piece of technology. Read full article very interesting.



QR readers have been given such a bad rap in the past…..

QR readers have been given such a bad rap in the past, I thought I would mention how neat they really are and very handy to use.

Ok you have a business card or a bill that you have to pay, but you picked up the mail on your way out or you don’t have a computer handy, but you have your phone…. there are not to many bills you get without the QR code on it, check the Walmart’s bill it’s on the back, it’s also on the return envelope. Also coupons and scavenger hunts…There are so many uses for this.

How do you get it on your phone – Just go to your app store from your phone and type in QR reader, choose one that is legit.

You can scan my QR code above.

A few tips to make sure you are safe.
1: Inspect the QR code to make sure it’s not a sticker.
2: Before installing a QR code reader app, check to see what security features it offers.
3: Never give out your credit card to any site you visit unless you are 100% sure it is safe.



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