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QR readers have been given such a bad rap in the past…..

QR readers have been given such a bad rap in the past, I thought I would mention how neat they really are and very handy to use.

Ok you have a business card or a bill that you have to pay, but you picked up the mail on your way out or you don’t have a computer handy, but you have your phone…. there are not to many bills you get without the QR code on it, check the Walmart’s bill it’s on the back, it’s also on the return envelope. Also coupons and scavenger hunts…There are so many uses for this.

How do you get it on your phone – Just go to your app store from your phone and type in QR reader, choose one that is legit.

You can scan my QR code above.

A few tips to make sure you are safe.
1: Inspect the QR code to make sure it’s not a sticker.
2: Before installing a QR code reader app, check to see what security features it offers.
3: Never give out your credit card to any site you visit unless you are 100% sure it is safe.




Extend the live of your computer

We all want to extend the life of our computer, but we always ask HOW.   Computers are very much like your home they need to be cleaned and properly maintained for example: You vacuum your rug to remove dust and dirt well so does your computer need vacuumed and dusted.   Another example is you would never put a stick of butter by a heat vent it would melt all over the floor same with a computer if it is over heated it will break down the parts.

Here are six very easy things you can do to extend the life of your computer by as much as 2-3 years.

  1. Keep that computer cool – Never put your computer by a vent, stove or dryer and it would not be wise to bring your laptop out on a 90º weather.  Ideal temperature for a computer would be between 60º – 75º.  Also for a laptop never put on cloth objects or lap if you want it on your lap use a cooling pad.  Remember it might not show a big difference when running the machine with room temperatures above 75º but in the long run you can lose 1-2 years of life.

  2. Leave computer turned on WHAT – shut off or restart about twice a week, to clear out cache and run updates.  WHY – well first of all there are fans in every computer that keep the dust from settling on parts and corroding them  and turning off and on can weaken the components as it effect the heating and cooling cycles of the computer.
  3. Dust that computer Regular dusting of the inside of a desktop and blowing the out the fan vents on a laptop keep it running smooth,  When fans and the processor are clogged with dust it is loud and makes the fans run faster and if the processor is clogged with dust you can blow then entire system.
  4. Use a surge protector – I have seen many computers blown simply because they do not use a surge protector. Unplugging is best of course but when you can’t unplug or just forget the surge protector will help.
  5. Cleaning – Virus – Malware Software Using cleaning software like ccleaner and malwarebytes will keep the computer from over working on files that do not need to be on your computer. They increase speed and performance  Obviously using an anti-virus software like Avast will protect you from very harmful virus that can destroy not only your software but your hardware as well.
  6. Last but not least get Regular PC Tune-ups, you car needs tune-ups and so does your computer.  Regular tune-ups at a specialist can increase the life of your computer by as much as 25%.  And we all so love our speed, so regular tune ups will keep you running fast.

So with just a few things that you can do regularly you will increase the life of your computer by as much as 2-3 years.  And you will also always have a fast – fast machine.


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